Wild-Boys! Wild-Boys!

TODAY is the day. The day that Wild-Boys is online, for all of your eyes to see, to love and to, 
of course, order, if necessary. :) 
Wild-Boys just turned online, so here I am now, posting some of the items, online, on the internet, on my weblog!!!! Have I already noticed how excited I am? A special special thanks to Robin van Wijk. You can like Wild-Boys on facebook HERE.


Maaghond #2

This is the amazing Maaghond magazine, the second edition. It shows drawings made by a small collective of artists, of which I've been really lucky to collaborate with. This issue contains illustrations/graphics by Robin van Wijk (visit his website here: www.robinvanwijk.com ) and.. ME! 


It's already for sale in two shops in Berlin. (Soon maybe three!)
The booklet is printed in size A5 using the Risograph technique.
You can buy it here: http://www.doyoureadme.de Do You Read Me, Auguststrasse 28, Berlin - Mitte. And over here: http://www.bongout.org BongoĆ»t, Torstrasse 110, Berlin - Mitte. Of course, if you're interested, don't hesitate to send me or Robin an e-mail! Or just contact me in this post. 
We sell them for only €7 !

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