The Capitol

I'm pretty late in the games.. but I finally got to read The Hunger Games. And.. after finishing the trilogy in three days, it's official. I am, along with so many others, 

addicted to the Hunger Games.

These images I made inspired by the Games with the arena and the Capitol in mind..

Oh, how I wish there was a part four.

Because you shine

 This day was very bright, dark, red, pink, grey, yellow with a little gold. 
And I think my face matched.

Who am I

Disney I still love you 

I'm SO back

I felt very uninspired lately.
Ok, that's not really true, I only felt uninspired to keep my blog up to date..
Or, I'm just lazy.

Remember that time I wrote about buying a knitting machine? You know, that huge thing with the crazy antennas, and then I was really quiet about it for a while because I had a tiny secret doubt in the back of my mind that it was too good to actually happen? Turns out, after graduating, my distrust in the world has only made the fact that it IS happening only better! I am talking about the website I am starting with some of my textile-ish work. It is called Wild Boys, it almost online, and you can actually BUY stuff. I think it goes up next week. Let's say... early May, and I am going to talk and post pictures about it a lot on here because I care about it, and actually worked quite hard on it, and I care about everyone who has helped me working on it (my sweet boyfriend) and I really want people to see it. So.

I took these pictures at the snowy, icy, Austrian "Lermoos", back in February. Just to keep you warm.
Be back soon! And get ready to meet my wild boys...